Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When having a performance review.

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When having a performance review.

Tell them you look forward to spending the rest of your career with the company (I didn't say in your current position), and you are looking forward to greater challenges when they are ready for you step up.

make sure you reiterate their expectations for the position and ask what you can do different to make the position better (I know you said you don't see any improvements, but make sure that they don't have personal agendas for your position-and may open up how they would approach it). This question will set them up to tell you intangible goals that you can definitely document for your next review. Plus, getting some one Else's perspective can only help.

Let them know that you are open to constructive feed back in between reviews and you want to work toward being a leader with the companies growth and change.

It's great that you're getting a review after three months, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the norm everywhere. During the review, normally the manager reviews how well you did according to the goals already set for you. If there were no goals, it might be a more general review to tell you your strengths and weaknesses as they see it. I know you asked a lot of questions about goals, but depending on the company, many times those are set for you - you don't have a say in it.

However, as you say, to be prepared, you may want to have comments ready for the following:

1. How well you did: Name some statistics and give some anecdotes, such as you're meeting the goal of answer 120 calls a day and you received two commendation letters from customers. 

2. Where you think you can improve: Try to word it more positively or say that you are already doing ..., and how you want to do it better. 

3. Since you feel like you've accomplished your goals, then maybe you can say that you'd want to learn more about XYZ so that some time later, you can move into ____ position. Always let the employer know what you're willing to put into it, especially when you've only been there for 3 months.

Good luck!  

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