Wednesday, December 17, 2014

performance review questions managers

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performance review questions managers

Depending on the people involved I might handle this a little differently but basically this would be my approach. I would meet with the subordinate manager first to discuss his review. I would look at his other reviews to see if they were consistent. If not, he would need to explain why. If they were and it appeared that he rated everyone low then I would discuss his approach to his reviews. I would explain to him that it is not the way that I wanted the reviews done.

Especially if I knew his employees and had higher opinions of them myself. If it was just the one employee that he rated low and if I disagreed with the review, then I would tell him that I consider his review to be biased and that he needs to change it. I would let him know that I expect his reviews to be conducted professionally and without prejudice and give him guidelines as to how I wanted the reviews done. I would let him sit in and basically conduct the meeting with the employee.

After the employee gave his appeal I would let the subordinate manager be the one who changed it, in front of the employee, even though I had told him in advance to change it, I would let the employee think it was his manager who was changing the review so that he could save face. I might even let the employee meet with the manager without me being there, since I have already made it clear to the manager what I wanted him to do.

That way it does not appear at all that I corrected the manager, but that the change in review came directly from the manager. If I agreed with the review then I would meet with the employee alone and tell him that I considered the review to be accurate and that he would have to accept it and tell him what he needed to do to change it for the better. Hope this helps.

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