Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Annual Performance Review Help

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Annual Performance Review Help

I'm an employment specialist and one of the things that employers look for when hiring a new employee is that they are a team player or work well with others. I would include anything that would demonstrate that you have contributed to the "team" or have done several task/projects that have added to the overall good of the business/organization. Just a hint for future reference and probably something that you already know and are doing but, set up a personal file for yourself. Put all your good stuff in there so that when your next review comes up you have all this great bragging material that will help you get that raise you deserve!

I do not know what your job is and what you do there. List all of your strongest skills on a piece of paper and then pick those that you want them to see.

Does the management know what you do at work everyday? If they already know then most likely they already know what you are going to put on the questionnaire.

Do you get a raise from the annual performance review? if you do, then most likely they already made up a number in their head even before you talk to them (for budget wise). But, the raise is not confirmed yet until they talk to you. Go in there with a good attitude and an open mind (they will tell you what they think of your work: what is good, what is bad, what needs to be improved, etc). Lets say they give you 3% increase in pay. If you think that you deserve more than that then you need to tell them of why you deserve more. List of what you have been doing that they might not know already. Do a bit of research of how much people in your area with the same or similar position get paid, etc. You can also ask your co-workers of what is the average rate increase. Ask them for advise.

Do not threat them that you will quit if you don't get a better raise.

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