Wednesday, December 17, 2014

what is appraisal/performance review

what is appraisal/performance review

Basically its a review of how you are doing - they are usually done annually, unless you are new to a job.

The focus should also be on any training needs you may have and how you see your job and indeed career progressing. Your manager should also be saying to you how they see your performance and their thoughts about maximising your potential and developing your skills and career.

It may be an idea to make some notes before the meeting to make sure you have covered everything you want to say and also make a note of any actions or decisions you both agree. If you do a job that involves quite a bit of variety then it may be an idea to look through your diary since you last had a discussion like this with your manager to remind yourself what you have been doing, as often managers don't really know (or understand) the nature and every day demands their staff face.

So a two way process (or it should be) that may need a bit of planning to get the most from.

Hope it goes well!

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