Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Great performance review no raise

Top Performance
Great performance review no raise

Forget about future opportunity and deal with that raise that is overdue. Ask your manager for a meeting, and once the door is closed, say that you were given a fine performance review, but no mention was made of any raise. Remind him that you have been there for two years without a raise. And then ask for a raise.

How much to ask for is up to you. You could just ask for the raise without naming an amount. Maybe they will give you more than you expect. But their behavior doesn't seem to bear this out, so I'd ask for 6%, which is 3% for each year you've been there. They may not give you that much, but they might. (And remember, getting 6% now is still less money than you'd have if they'd given the raises on time.)

If they are hiring, then apply for the openings you're interested in. And if you get an interview for one of them, be sure to ask for a hefty raise, because you'd be bringing an inside knowledge of the company to that job.

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