Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ask about promotion during performance review?

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Ask about promotion during performance review?

The modern trend is to adopt a 360 Degree Review -which is different from traditional performance reviews.
360 degree feedback is the most comprehensive type of appraisal. It includes self ratings, peer review, and upward assessments; feedback is sought from everyone. It gives people a chance to know how they are seen by others; to see their skills and style; and may improve communications between people.

In this method , the employee can stake his claim for promotion and pay hike !!

Performance reviews are a necessary evil of running a business. It can also be a good time to establish a solid relationship with your superiors. Most people dont understand or handle the Review process well and think it just a way for managment to control them.
1. By the time you have your review scheduled, the opinions and comments have already been discussed between your supervisor and upper management. You should work with your supervisor well in advance if you want any influence in the process.

2. This is your review. What is said about you in these reviews may "stick" with you for a long time. Dont just listen to your boss drone on about how you need to achieve a paradigm shift and become a "sought-after" employee. If you do not agree with what is stated in the review, Ask that you take time to read, edit and resubmit it.

3. This is often the same time that your "Raise" is determined. Generally, this review is the basis for any increase or decrease in your pay. Thats why its important to work on it prior to getting to this stage. Also, the ability to review and edit could mean the difference in getting any raise.

4. By working in advance with your boss, you can lay down what goals or expectations they have prior to the review. That way, you can show that you've achieved those goals and deserve that promotion/raise.

5/ If you dont get that promotion/raise, then this review will be the time for you to ask them, "When can I expect it?" Its very important for you to take control of your Career....dont just let your bosses determine your life.

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