Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Performance review/disciplinary on friday

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Performance review/disciplinary on friday

Right now, it is normal that you must be given two official warnings before you can be dismissed - first verbal and then written - so if you haven't yet had any, then no, you can't be sacked. (Note that this is changing in April so that it is up to all companies to set their own procedure, rather than this being the law.)

But, what is this performance review for? It isn't for the end of your probation period is it? I ask because if you blame training/lack of training for some of the problems then I assume you haven't been there long. If you are still in your probation period, then the rules regarding formal warnings do not apply and you can be sacked for not being up to scratch.

If I were you, I would review the documents that your Manager has sent to you, and think about specific reasons why there have been problems. As an example, it's better if rather than saying things like "well, I haven't been trained on that" you instead say things like "I sent you an email on 14 January reminding you that I needed to be trained on ...". This shows that you acknowledge the problem and you're taking some responsibility, whilst still showing that it isn't entirely your fault.

If some of the complaints are about your attitude, are these complaints coming from one particular person? If so, do you think that this person simply doesn't like you, rather than having a real issue with you? If this is the case then mention that briefly - you don't want to sound whiny but at the same time, your Manager should be able to remain impartial and verify if that is true.

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