Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Performance review at work

Top Performance

Performance review at work

1. Ask the negative question of a subject and activity eg. What doesn't work on your computer system?

2. Ask questions around what the data that you want but so they have a definite yes or no, this gives your evaluation/review integrity.

3. Any question has to be real, meaning the person has to agree in some way about it otherwise they will give a non-genuine answer eg. In your role, do you do anything peculiar which brings about your daily or even weekly normal production?

4. The questions must be intended as being interested; not in what the person's opinion is but rather what they estimate/observe/recognize from their unique view, facts only eg. Do you think this technique you use to communicate with people over the phone is more efficient than others you have seen?

I could give you exact questions of course but that would violate #4 and possibly #3.
These are the most important data and they are within the subjects of "Surveys" and "Investigations".

Good luck!

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