Monday, January 18, 2016

When having a performance review...?

Tell them you look forward to spending the rest of your career with the company (I didn't say in your current position), and you are looking forward to greater challenges when they are ready for you step up.

make sure you reiterate their expectations for the position and ask what you can do different to make the position better (I know you said you don't see any improvements, but make sure that they don't have personal agendas for your position-and may open up how they would approach it). This question will set them up to tell you intangible goals that you can definitely document for your next review. Plus, getting some one Else's perspective can only help.

Let them know that you are open to constructive feed back in between reviews and you want to work toward being a leader with the companies growth and change.

What are some negitivities about having a performance review?

There are several negatives to performance reviews at work.

First, their usefulness is dubious at best. I have been a manager for 8 years at several large and small companies and have yet to see a performance review system that actually adds value to the organization. Most take too much time, are difficult to administer properly, do not take enough information into account, or are not used for anything other than fulfilling an organizational directive to have a performance review.

Another negative is that often performance reviews are used spitefully by managers to "earmark" employees as underperformers in order to "manage them out" of the organization. Depending on the manager's relationship with an employee, it is very easy to accumulate negative documentation on an employee for the purpose of giving them a poor review.

On the opposite side of that, performance reviews most often do not accurately reflect an individual's positive contributions to an organization. It is often easiest to just take good performers for granted and to not accumulate meaningful documentation of their good performance, meaning a performance review ends up being a collection of anecdotal "stories" instead of containing hard data about how they contributed. Signs of this are comments in the review such as "Works well with others. Helped so-and-so get used to the team." or "Finishes assigned tasks in a timely manner. When asked to work on Team X was always on time and helped out."

Another negative is when companies use performance reviews to divide a small percentage increase to a group. Often a bell-curve approach is taken and the performance review is used by the management team to reward their favorites and keep others from receiving a payout. When a curve is used, it automatically creates an atmosphere of distrust and competition that is most often destructive to the organization. Teamwork is what is needed most in today's businesses and this kind of "me or them" atmosphere does not lend itself to synergy.

8 years as a manager and supervisor, both administering and receiving performance reviews. By:loggrad98 

What goes on a performance review?

  Performance review or performance appraisal or performance evaluation is conducted on an annual basis. This is tied up to your job description, where the rater will based his/her judgement whether you have performed your duties and responsibilites for the whole year in an outstanding manner or not. 

As the other poster answered, it will review the volume, quality, and timeliness of your work as well as your general working attitude, such as obedience, interpersonal relation with co workers and superiors, adherence to company policy etc. 

The Performance Review Form is actually a rating sheet which your immediate superior will fill up. After filling in this form, s/he will sit down with the ratee and discuss the weak points and strong points of the employee, and areas where s/he needs improvements if any. 

This will also determine if you need to take additional training to strengthen your weaknesses in performing your job. This is also the time when you can tell your immediate superiors any problems that you are encountering in performning your job, if the problem is system based, for example, then necessary amendments to your system and procedure maybe put in place to remove these problems. 

Then after discussing this to the employee, both rater and ratee signs it and forwards it to the HRD (Human Resources Department) where the HRD will check for the recommendation of the rater and its implementation. Also, Performance review are the basis of salary increases, bonuses, promotion, demotions, termination and other employee movement.

I hope this helps, you can email me if you need additional information regarding this matter.


Need help writing an employee performance review?

As an NCO in the Air Force one thing I learned was to keep it simple and truthfull. BS and flowery phrases don't mean a thing and don't do you or the employee any good. 

What you should be writing are facts and specific achievements of the employee. He/She is great is neither a fact nor a specific achievement. 

He/She accomplishes his/her tasks in a timely and efficient manner could be a fact if they do so. If they show initiative in getting work done rather than waiting around for someone to tell them what needs doing that should also be shown. 

If, on the other hand they sit around until being told to do something that should be stated. Basically the review should be how well they perform, how well they met set goals and whether or not they need to improve certain aspects of their work.