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Performance review questions to ask

A performance evaluation is an integral aspect of any organization. Assessing the skill set of every person and the functioning of the organization is vital for its growth, and to help create the proper expectations for the company in regards to future raises and management potential. It helps employees to understand the meanings behind common phrases for performance evaluations to help create common ground between the employee and the company.

Performance review questions to ask

Key inputs of performance review: Project supervisor job description, Project supervisor competencies profile, Project supervisor annual objectives…

You can do performance review of Project supervisor based on competencies below:

Performance review tips

  • Take note both your accomplishments and your less than outstanding job performance incidents for the period the performance evaluation will cover.
  • Prepare mentally some “talking points” for deliver as needed.
  • Preset the questions such as what topics could arise in this appraisal? What facts do you already know about those topics? What topics do you want to give the first priority if you get the opportunity?
  • In addition to the questions, do you often do your homework at night before the performance review? Keep in mind that always take notes in your private notes on year-round of your accomplishments as well as explanations for things you understood.
  • Do not give nonsense during the performance appraisal. Instead, you should speak clearly, concisely and heading to concrete purposes.
  • If you do not orient job goals or make plans for some performance improvement, the answer given is “no” only

Performance review questions

What do you think went well this year?”
Some managers do not give an unsatisfied performance appraisal of the employee. In case, your boss is one of those, you have right to ask him/her for positive views. Practice speaking helps you know exactly how to please your manager. If you receive the answer is “nothing” from your boss, it’s highly probable you start looking for a better boss.

“What do you think I should do differently next year?”

This question is often useful to learn what your boss is really thinking if he/she give critical feedback. It is better for you to come up to the goals in next year than what you did not accomplish in last year.

“What could I do to improve my rating in this area next year”

If your boss does not assess highly your particular objective or attribution, you should find our reasons and what need to change. You can do difference by trying to agree on specific things. You need to know that your boss does not recall things you did wrong in the past; he/she desires to reach positive change from you in next year. You put effort into doing anything as good as possible so that your boss has confidence in you and evaluate highly your performance review.

“How could I be more helpful to other people on the team?”

You can do it if you have a great relationship with your colleagues, and have prominent strengthens. Then your boss brings advantages for you to collaborate more with all member in team where the members are somewhat interdependent.

“What are your most important goals for the coming years”?

According to surveys, most employees do not understand what their manager’s goals are. So you need to be ready to indentify which is the most goals then provide useful information or assistance. It is sure that your performance rating is going to make you fully satisfy.

“Is there anything I could do to make your job easier?”

This question you should not use because if you ask it, your boss might faint dead away. Actually very few employees think about how to make their boss life easier. In contrast, most make the question that how can my boss make life easier for me?

“How do you think our business is going to change in the future? What challenges do we face?”

This question is helpful for you to see the bigger picture of your own work and provide a heads up about future issues. In addition, it sends you a message that you are thinking about beyond your own daily work.

“What new knowledge or skills do you think I may need to develop?”

In order to develop your own goals and your job plan as well, you should ask this question and give answer yourself. If there are something happening unexpected, you may reset up you career plan.

“What career opportunities do you see for someone with my background?”

No one wants to career path to be delayed; and you are not in one of those. So in order to develop it you need to see this question strictly and find out your own opportunities. If not, they will keep far away from your hand.

“What’s the most difficult thing about doing performance reviews?”

You should not attach special importance to your boss personality like sense of humor. But otherwise, it might lead to an interesting conversation.

Using these sample performance appraisals will definitely help you phrase the perfect comments for the performance reviews that you are writing. While this article, gives you only complimentary phrases, there is a possibility that you may need to include negative reviews as well. While including these ensure that your tone is not harsh or degrading.

Readers, any other common review phrases you’d care to share?

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