Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Performance review checklist

A performance evaluation is an integral aspect of any organization. Assessing the skill set of every person and the functioning of the organization is vital for its growth, and to help create the proper expectations for the company in regards to future raises and management potential. It helps employees to understand the meanings behind common phrases for performance evaluations to help create common ground between the employee and the company.

Performance review checklist

Key inputs of performance review: Project supervisor job description, Project supervisor competencies profile, Project supervisor annual objectives…

You can do performance review of Project supervisor based on competencies below:

The preparation of performance review

  • Pay attention to the most important performance areas
  • Make plan for potential developments such training and special projects.
  • Categorize concentration areas for the purpose of setting goals for the coming review years.
  • Help employees see advantages so that they can have plan of discussion.
  • Come into discuss mutual understood expectations in accordance with job duties and standards.
  • Monitor job performance result compared with mutual understood expectations.
  • Note and keep records without relying on memory.
  • Do not focus on some aspects of the job at the expense of other.
  • Evaluate the background of each employee including skills, work experience and education.

The discussion of review

  • Start discussion with honest, open-hearted and friendly performance.
  • Understand to be evaluation of the discussion including come into dealing with problem and setting goals.
  • Give explanation on the agenda for the meeting in detail.
  • Talk about primary responsibilities of employees in the past. (The employees would receive a written summary of responsibilities). Review how the employee’s responsibilities are concerned about generally unit objectives.
  • Give discussion about employee’s strengthens and development areas in five general performance categories.
  • Speak of momentous achievements of employees in the past.
  • Create possible way for performance advance.
  • Discuss obstacle to efficient work performance and job satisfaction in the past.
  • Establish goals and needs of employees in coming review years.
  • Orient long-term development plans and goals for achievement.
  • Discuss employee’s feedback/suggestions for supervisor.
  • Discuss relevant problems that the employee or supervisor is interested in.
  • Fill in review forms, as applicable.

The follow-up

  • Right after putting the established plans into record, pointing requiring follow-up.
  • Send a copy to the employees.
  • Assess your performance result yourself. What I did well? Could have done better? Learned about the employee? Learned about myself?

Using these sample performance appraisals will definitely help you phrase the perfect comments for the performance reviews that you are writing. While this article, gives you only complimentary phrases, there is a possibility that you may need to include negative reviews as well. While including these ensure that your tone is not harsh or degrading.

Readers, any other common review phrases you’d care to share?

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