Monday, May 9, 2016

Is it common practice to write your own yearly performance review

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Performance review

I got an email from my boss asking me to write out my own review for this year. I've never heard of such a thing? We've never done this in the past. Should I butter it up a bit since I'm the author?

Best Answer:  Yes. It is a common practice in many firms. This is being asked for your perspective on your own work. Your boss will also have his/her own version. This will help you keep track of your own progress, set your goals objectives for the next review period. Of course, you boss usually has the prerogative make some changes to it. Keep a copy for yourself. It will be handy when you update your resume. Treat your boss and the firm as a customer. 

Take any feedback they give you as a customer feedback. Show them in your next review that you have taken their feedback seriously and made some changes. This will make a good impression. Of course, your objective is not to get good "grades." But to keep your customer happy and get paid, i.e. get a raise or promotion or both. 

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