Monday, May 9, 2016

Annual Performance Review Help

Top Performance Review 
Annual Performance Review

My company makes everyone fill out a personal performance questionnaire before their review. One questions regards what you feel are your strongest skills. Is there anything that Management likes to see in that column in particular, more than other things? I have lots of answers but they all seem mediocre. I want something that will make them think about rather than just skim over it. I want this to stick out. Thanks for your help!

Best Answer:  I'm an employment specialist and one of the things that employers look for when hiring a new employee is that they are a team player or work well with others. I would include anything that would demonstrate that you have contributed to the "team" or have done several task/projects that have added to the overall good of the business/organization. Just a hint for future reference and probably something that you already know and are doing but, set up a personal file for yourself. Put all your good stuff in there so that when your next review comes up you have all this great bragging material that will help you get that raise you deserve! 

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